“Monkey-faced eel fishing” in Northern California.

Here’s a video of my friend and me fishing for some Monkey-face eels,,,,,This was my “first time” fishing for eels and I had a “blast”,,,,,I will definitely do it again!!! For a poke pole all that we did was tie a small peace of fishing line with a small hook to the top eye of an old fishing rod and sure enough that was good enough,,,,,eel fishing is so much fun and you really don’t need nothing special,,,,Just an old rod and some line and a small hook,,,,,Well that’s all that we did and we caught plenty! At the end of this fishing trip we ended up only keeping “one” decent sized Monkey-face eel that weighted 4.5 lbs,,,,,,,,Every other eel and fish that we caught that day were released unharmed. This was just another “fun” day of fishing!!!! “Peace”…
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  1. SharkMan650 says:

    “Sometimes”,,,,,but on this video I was using mono.

  2. theotherguy621 says:

    do you use steel leeders?

  3. SharkMan650 says:

    The bag limit is ten and there’s no size limit!

  4. KaraokeMusicLover says:

    What’s the size and bag limit?

  5. SharkMan650 says:

    Yea it is!!!

  6. jmj3104 says:

    Is this at Linda Mar Beach?

  7. SharkMan650 says:

    “Yea” there hella pretty fun to catch!!!,,,And thanks for the “thumbs up”,,,,,”peace alway”…

  8. RYANJJ21 says:

    ive never heard of a monkey faced eel…nice vid

  9. SharkMan650 says:

    Hey what’s up!,,,,,squid or shrimp is the best bait to use,,,,”peace”…

  10. vsonic86 says:

    hey what is the size of the hook are you using? What kind of beat are you using?

  11. SharkMan650 says:

    No Bro,,,,,It’s in San Mateo County in the city of Pacifica,,,,”peace”…

  12. CondemnedPatriot says:

    How North is this? Is this Humboldt county?

  13. SharkMan650 says:

    Well here in Northern California I have caught monkey-faced eels in many places along the coast,,,,If there are holes under the rocks there’s most likley eels or some kind of sea life in them,,,,,”but” I’m not sure about the east coast but if your on the east coast you should give it a try to see if there are eels under the rocks and in the holes there?

  14. askinnywhiteguy22 says:

    Can you just go fishing for eels anywhere? East and west coast? Or are they anywhere specific?

  15. SharkMan650 says:

    “Hey there”,,,,,For bait I was using “both” Shrimp & Squid,,,,,”Peace Always”,,,,SharkMan650

  16. halibutboy98 says:

    your bait was pretty big what was it and nice man!

  17. SharkMan650 says:

    Well we only fished a few times for these eels and when we went we never triped on the record but I checked since then and it’s not a hard record to beat!!!,,,,I’ve caught several big ones and maybe the next time I go for them and if I think it’s big enough I’ll turn it in,,,,”but truthfully”,,,I’m not sure if I would want to hold the record for a monkey faced eel,,,,”haahaahaa,,,,”peace always”…

  18. miami305black says:


  19. SharkMan650 says:

    I’m at Linda Mar beach in Pacifica on this video!!!

  20. h3llom4te says:

    where are you fishing at?

  21. SharkMan650 says:

    “Right on”,,,,I caught one also but in Australia.

  22. anonymous17j says:

    i caught a moray eel in hawaii

  23. SharkMan650 says:

    “Hey thanks man” and I hope you catch a bunch of them on your chase!!!!,,,,,,,”Peace Always”…

  24. SharkMan650 says:

    “haahaa”,,,,I’ll see you again soon!!!

  25. halfmoon407 says:

    love the video! live at prinston harbor and just starting to chase the monkey face.
    nice job

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